All 42 Chalets have already been taken at Kroonpark (Poison site)

How is this possible, I've sent my chalet request in January already?

Clubs who have been booking chalets for the last 10 years and longer, have preference and therefore we only have 2 - 5 new chalet bookings each year.

Now What? Follow either Option 1, 2 or 3...

BLP Adventures Contact Johan 076 693 6129 /

Old School!

1. Bring tent

2. Pick one of the 5 million trees

3. Have a beer

4. Pitch tent

5. Have some more beers

6. Party

7. Cannot find tent or your tree?

8. Pass out next to your bike

9. Wake up next morning, finding yourself in between your bike, your tree and your tent still neatly pitched.

10. Start from number 5 again.


New Age

Google to find one of the many Guest Houses or Bed & Breakfast contact details in order to book your accommodation with them.