Poison History

The poison rally has started in 1998 in a place called Boons - between Magaliesburg & Koster.
Those where the days!! The days of organising a rally at a site with 9km dirt road, a generator delivering all the power, porn-TV behind the barmen and a beer was R3-00. Arm wrestle was still a game, and Annie, the name of a film. This was also the start of a few changes in the rally scene.

For starters, the fact that there was no late entrance fee, but if you did pre-pay, you received a free Poison Rally T-Shirt. Because of the 9km dirt road, we gave each entrant a Printed Poison mug and all entrants could help themselves to a scoop of Poison Punch – the so called “Dust remover”. Games were different from the usual tug-of-war, slow race and tyre throw. Games included things like knife throw, tomato throw, gladiators and the fieta dronk game. This was also the start of JB, from Skeletons, becoming a DJ. We had to continuously ask him to turn his music down because it was over powering the DJ’s music. The DJ had to attend to an emergency at home and the obvious choice was to ask JB to take over. Needless to say, he saved the day.

Poison 1999, was the last rally of the Millennium and almost the final Poison Rally. An asshole and his friend decided to attend the Poison for different reasons. Instead of having fun, like the rest of us, they stole the Coke truck’s battery (those years R1 850); Gazebo (R2 500) and the best of all, a Cooler-trailer (R16 000). 1013 people attended and braved the 9km dirt road, once again, and in true Poison style, it rained. The pre-paids received the Famous poison belt buckle. Interesting events included “The Poison road test” – take one standard Suzuki GS 850, fill it with enough fuel and oil. Start it and keep the throttle wide open while timing it until it seizes. 1 Minute 23 seconds later, flames
were running all over the show.A girl by the name of “Dusty” got the men going and “Hattrick” had the crowd in stitches. Games included a massive sling shot, using the rugby posts as the two sides and a 6m long elastic. Potatoes where used as ammo and the aim was to shoot it through a bike tyre on the other side of the field. It was also the year to try new things like “Suspension”. Take one volunteer, lay him down on a bed of nails, insert 28 hooks into his back, legs and arse and then raise him of the ground. Unfortunately they forgot the hooks and had to go back and fetch it. On his return his "master" were pissed out of his boots and bikers were swinging from the rig. Everything can’t always work out! The Poison concourse is like everything else at the Poison – different. No bikes will be judged, if they arrive on a trailer.

Judging is done on a point system specially worked out for each category and is as follow:

Standard class:

As they come – the more standard the bike, the higher the points. The age and the mileage must be considered. Cleanliness plays a major part.

Rat class:

Any bike – Matt black is compulsory. If you never clean your bike, the result is a dirty bike, not a Rat. Parts are not chosen – they are picked up. Lots of non-standard parts. Oil leaks compulsory.

Custom class:

Standard plus custom parts e.g. indicators, chroming and spray jobs. Different in appearance from all the others. No doubt of mistaking this bike from stock bikes.

Chopper class:

Style most important. Framework & fork extensions
compulsory. The more radical, the more points. The bare essentials. Very low seat height. Spoke wheels.

Cruiser class:

Standard low-rider with custom parts. Chopper look without compulsory frame work. Designed for comfort and style.

Streetfighter class:

Based on performance and street racing. Brutal look preferably with a big fat rear tyre. Anything which does not directly contribute to performance is kept to a minimal. Rear mudguard cut down or changed. Twin headlights.

Due to the support the previous two years, the Poison had to move to a bigger site in 2000. Thaba Mathlatse in Warmbaths. Although it was a much bigger site, it was still way too small to accommodate the 1754 people attending. People were literally using each others tent pegs. Like always it rained and again no cars were allowed – not even to drop off. There were guys with wheelbarrows who helped with the different equipment to camping spots.

One of the highlights was the Potato-gun. This thing shoots a potato across a rugby field using hairspray.Pre-paids received, yet again, a Poison Belt Buckle. The censored show was done by Rashid the magician. An awesome show which had everyone talking afterwards especially the part where he changed a guy's belt into a snake!

Again we were forced to change the venue because of the size. We moved to Potgietersrus in 2001 - 100km’s further, added a dirt road and like always, a thunderstorm in order to bring the numbers down. What happened: Much smaller growth than the previous years – 1977 Pre-paids received a buckle. Like always there were the unusual games like an Appy shoot where all the appies had to line up on the other side of the pool. Their club members were armed with potatoes and a special ketty which was drawn by one member while the other’s legs formed the “mik” where the potato was flying through at the speed of light. Annie done the censored show and we had a girl winning the drinking competition. Unfortunately we had to move the venue because the site was sold and not available the following year.

The Poison moved to Avuxeni in Nylstroom to celebrate its 5th birthday with 2400 people attending in 2002. This was a massive site with 54 chalets and plenty ablution facilities. Cars were charged R500-00 if you wanted to take your vehicle into the site. Poison Buckles were handed to the pre-paids. Dusty entertained the guys once again and haven’t changed a bit. It rained once again but the shows carried on. Not even the rain could cool down the hot “Can-can” show. Troy, the Hypnotist had the crowed on the edge of their seats. The guys from Hattrick got the crowd in stitches for two hours solid. Johan Roos completed his 400th rally.

2003 were also held at Avuxeni and we had 2860 bikers attending. In stead of the Buckle, we handed all pre-paids a Poison Hip flask. This was the first year for the Poison Fear Factor. André Rabie won this sick game where contestants had to eat worms, liver etc. and had to jump in a hole filled with eggs, fish, ox-lungs and hearts, Johannesburger beer etc. The winner was washed and within a half-an-hour came landing in the site after been for a
Tandem Jump from 10 000 feet.

2004 were once again held in Nylstroom. The pre-paids, once again, received a buckle and we had just over 3400 people attending. This was also the first casualty we had during the Poison. This also drawn the attention of the newspapers and unfortunately we had a very negative and one sided write-up.

2005 we had the 8th Poison at Avuxeni. The pre-paids received a leather, Poison, belt. We had almost 4000 people attending. The stage looked like a proper rock concert and the sound are forever improving. We even had a karaoke which really showed some talent amongst the bikers.

2006 would be the last visit to Nylstroom. We lost another brother who got killed in town at 02:00 Saturday morning. We were overwhelmed with the 5345 people attending. The pre-paids received a buckle. The bar was again out sourced to an outside company which made a huge stuff-up regarding stock and the amount of workers. Even the food stalls were over powered by the attendance and even stalls which been in the business for quite some time, ran out of food. The famous Max Kaan entertained the crowd and we had a girl winning the Poison Fear Factor.

2007 was the 10th Poison Rally and held at Rustenburgkloof. What a site? Beautiful ablutions, big trees, green lawns and clean swimming pools. And then the sight for sore eyes – the best stripper in South Africa: Annie. Those who were there would know Annie started with the Poison in 1998. It was great having all the best performers back from previous years. Even Rashid, the black magician was back. Dave, the Buell stunt driver entertained the crowd with his amazing wheelies etc. Brain Capper also made a comeback after performing at a Poison previously. Other entertainment was: A Cabaret Show, Hattrick, Strippers, Can-Can Girls, Jester and Gigi, who got to the rally, but some clown, gave her shit, and she left. André Rabie was crowned the ultimate Fear Factor winner after winning the Lasher Show. Pre-paids received a beautiful anniversary Belt Buckle. One of these special belt buckles were auctioned, and got R8000 for the local orphanage. We had 6340 people attending of whom most got there in the rain. Finally the rain stopped by Friday afternoon and it was time to Party! Enough said, like always: If you weren’t there, you missed out!! 2008 will also take place at Rustenburgkloof (even after a 143% increase in price.) It’s the 11th Poison Rally, and the start of the next ten years.

2008, also ook place at Rusenburg Kloof, it’s been the 11th Poison and the start of the next 10 years.  Once again the Poison had great entertainment like an xtravaganza show, the band Plofsof and a speciality act which included fire blowing, walking on glass and even playing darts into a women’s back.  “You say you can dance”, proofed we had some great talent among the bikers.  Saturday started with a guy, the only one in the world mad enough to handle a 7 feet black mamba with his bare hands!  Johan from strong man 4 Jesus inspired the guys with his faith and strength.  Andre the Hypnotist had the crowd in stitches and some of his victims were searching for their names afterwards. 

Then the guys, who most of the crowd were waiting for, eventually got on stage: SNOTKOP.  Fear Factor was won by a lady and then Martino entertained the crowd with his magic.  Jumpstart had the crowd jumping and jiving into the early hours of the morning, an awesome rally supported by all 7 465 bikers.  

2009, Unfortunately, the facilities were also surprised with the amount of people. We had endless problems with the water supply at some of the ablution blocks. We always strive to have the cleanest toilets and this year it was a big problem. At a stage our workers were hauling water with a little Nissan 1400 bakkie in order to try and get the toilets clean. This is unacceptable and we will do everything we can to rectify this in future!



Buckle Creations, the best known Badge and Buckle factory in Gauteng, made a mistake on the Buckles. Some of you might have already noticed, that the buckle has been stamped the wrong way around! If you are wearing a Poison Rally belt, either the buckle or your belt is going to be up-side down.

Now, you could just imagine our frustration when someone came and showed us this at around 11:00 Friday morning at the rally. I mean these guys have manufactured more buckles, than the existence of the Poison Rally, not to mention the amount of badges manufactured – how is this possible?


Please turn your buckle around and phone the number on the back. Buckle Creations will be more than willing to exchange yours for a new one.


More is not always better! We changed our T-Shirt supplier because we were concerned about the quality. We decided to appoint a company who’s doing all the Edgars stores printing. All the shirts and caps were fine, but some of the ladies strappy tops, looked like they had a very bad boob job done or a mastectomy.  Must have been one of those late, Friday afternoon jobs.........


Please send us an e-mail with your details in order for us to rectify it.



“Why don’t you take your people to a smaller town which needs the money, we don’t want you in our town.” This was said by the little white metro police officer after confronting us about the road closings in front of the resort.

At a stage they arrived fully armed with about 12 officers and we were not allowed to block any vehicles in the main road.


Anybody who knows SOMEBODY,  to please contact us.


Even though we had lovely weather, guys still came with their cars. We either ride crappy bikes, or the wife’s are packing way too much because for every second bike there is a back-up vehicle.

We have not increased the fees for the cars in some time but we will be forced to double it for 2010. It seems just too easy paying the R500 and leaving your car inside.

 This is a bike rally for real bikers and we do not want your money for the car, but we also can not have the amount of cars on site. Therefore expect to pay R1000 for 2010 for your cabby. Enough about all the problems. It’s a new year with new challenges.

Let’s have a look at what happened at the 12th Poison:

Friday started with the usual crowd sleeping at the gate.

Gates opened at 06:45 after all chevron tape were removed in order to give each a fair chance of getting that favourite spot.

Herbie the DJ, started playing music using that awesome sound system supplied by Nick from AVL  Productions.


Tony the King had the crowd enjoying themselves and then it was time for “Poison Rally got talent”. Some strange contestants and at the end of the day the young Angela won it with her version of “Black Velvet”.

An Extravaganza show got the late comers closer to the stage and then we had Magical Mark, the toppie with Parkinson’s doing magic. The band Staaldraad started and was absolutely great!

Male and female strippers entertained the crowd with their dance moves and the band took it further into the morning.
Saturday started with the usual: morning afterwards babalaas, some more extreme than others and most postponing it with another cold one.

Entertainment started early as usual with the gospel band “Fourteen 40”, who got the crowd thinking as well as admiring their talent. The Can-Can Girls had everyone moving closer.

Next up was Dozi, just being himself, enjoying a drink or seven with the crowd. Then we had some magic performed by Vickus the Magician.

Then we had Andre the hilarious hypnotist, or should I rather say Andre, and the Hilarious hypnotised people!

Fear factor.gifFear Factor had a few people bogging just by being a spectator. Each contestant got a “Welcome to the Poison Rally Fear Factor game”- drink. Thereafter, they had to fish for, as many sheep eyes or chicken toes as possible. Only a few made it through to the eating section where live crickets, worms and the odd raw prawn, chicken head and liver were forming part of the menu.

Only 5 people made it through from the initial 20. Lastly it was down to the lock opening with a few keys and a riddle to solve. Finally it was Bok from Ghost Riders who walked away with the crown as FEAR FACTOR WINNER – Poison Rally 2009. Well done and well deserved!

Annie, the “big” spark of the Poison, entertained the crowd like only Annie can. After Annie set the stage, it was time for a stunning Cabaret show. Fatti Boom-Boom had the people working on those stomach muscles.

Prize Giving started with a short service done by Pastor Rene Changuion, National President from CMA.

A few special things were auctioned for charity and then we handed the prizes over for those beautiful concourse bikes:

  Standard class: Yamaha 750 Chopper class.bmp
  Rat Class: Suzuki
  Chopper class: Harley Davidson
  Cruiser class: Suzuki Boulevard
  Streetfighter class: Suzuki Katana
  Trike Class: Harley
Best Overall: Suzuki Hyabusa
Best Overall: Suzuki Hyabusa

Biggest Club.bmp Biggest club went to the Macs with 91 pre-entries. Midnight Sting was not far behind them on 82 members. Monarchs followed with 46 and then it was Vision with 40 entries. Phantoms had 38, G’n Banggate were on 35 and NFC on 33. Please note that these were only for the pre-paids.
Nick from the band Jump Start performed until the early hours of the morning. What a Rally!!

Other than all the entertainment, the weather was excellent.  Johan Loubscher managed the main bar and showed awesome initiative and Johan even incorporated fans with a fine mist which kept it nice and bearable.  The hot water pool looked like a potjie pot by Saturday afternoon with all the bodies floating around.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every sponsor who contributed towards the Poison Rally:

Healthcare House
Arlen Ness/Berrick
Thaba Legae
Demons MC
Chrome Soldiers
Les Weiner – Biker Stall
Sweets 4Us
Vivante Leather
Buckle Creations
Planet Seating
Bike SA
  Rebel Biking gear
Messiah’s Disciples
Les Weiner
Naked Men MC

I would also like to thank each and every Custom Rider!  You guys done us proud!

Poison Rally 2010

Feel it, it is here… the 13th Poison Rally! The soccer came and gone like a shadow in the night and soon everything was back to normal and it was time to head towards Rustenburg for the 13th Poison Rally.

Now for those who might suffer from Friggatriskaidekaphobia (the fear for Friday the 13th) or Arachnophobia (the fear for scorpions/spiders) this year’s Poison had it all. It started on the Friday and being the 13th rally with a Scorpion as the logo…need I say more.

Friday morning started out good with Herbey playing in the background and people from all over the country pitching tents all over the beautiful resort.

The Poison favourite: Annie performed late afternoon and then we had the worst ever performance at the Poison Rally. Johan Yssel tried his best with some illusions, however, I think he confused the rally with a primary school function.

Beers were cold and the sun hot and the dancers even hotter. The band, Tri Tones played excellent music and got everyone partying into the early morning.

Unfortunately, Freek Botha from Carolina passed away in his tent from what was believed to be a heart attack. This was the spark the police were looking for. Now after 5 years being at Rustenburg Kloof, they wanted to know who gave us permission to arrange such a big event. Lucky for us, we completed all the necessary documentation a long time ago already and it took some good choice of words to keep them from closing the rally there and then.

Planning the next morning’s stunts, took a turn for the worst. when it was not allowed by the Police and therefore could not be controlled and unfortunately we had another fatal accident when someone lost control and the bike skid into a spectator. Then, to add to the already sad story, we heard of another brother who got killed in town when his bike collided with a car.

Inside the site it was the usual fun and games which started off with some pole dancing with a pole dance coach and then it was time for Jacques Gombalt from District 9 who entertained the crowd with his acting skills.

Belly dancing is one thing, but to have a belly dancer with a huge rock python is something to see! This was followed with some more magic from Stan the Magic Man and then it was time for famous Karin Zoid.

A few dancers got the guys closer to the stage and then the Biker girl from Witbank – Flooze had everyone dancing and laughing.

The band and some more extravaganza girls got us to prize giving which was started in true Poison Rally fashion by Pastor Rene Changion, the National President of CMA.

A leather chopper seat with the Poison Rally logo were auctioned and got a record amount of R15 000 which was donated to the Biker House in Krugersdorp. Steve from the Mac’s also donated a riding jacket which was auctioned for another R2 500 for the House.

  Standard class: Suzuki 1000G
  Rat Class: Kawasaki Z550

Custom Class : C aptain Morgan R1

  Chopper class: Leather chopper
  Cruiser class: Harley Davidson
  Streetfighter class: Honda CB 1000R
  Trike Class: Buell
Best Overall: Yellow Honda

When organising an event of this magnitude, one needs to thank those who helped. A big thank you to all the Custom Riders!

I would also like to thank Derrick Berkowitz who helped in getting most of the prizes as well as organising the stalls at the rally. A big thank you to Deon, the Leather Man, who donated a lot of his time in making the leather seat and in return donated towards the Biker House. Thank you to the Ravens for taking their rally time in order to sell tickets for a raffle which also went towards the house.

This year it is time for a change. After a few years of searching and planning, I think we are finally ready for a changeover to Kroonstad. From an organiser’s point of view, this is a huge stress factor because of all the variables however it seems as if the Freestate are ready for us!

Looking forward seeing you at the jols or then at the next one

Poison Rally 2011

2011 - Custom Riders and the biker friendly town of Kroonstad welcomed each and every biker attending the 14th Poison Rally.

After being in Rustenburg the last five years, it was quite stressful changing the venue to the other side of the world. Kroonstad has however been very good to us and even from the word go, we realised this town is biker friendly and we felt very welcome from the planning days already. Yes, it was a huge change over from the semi-privately owned Rustenburgkloof to the municipality owned Kroonpark.

Everything is done in true municipal way: Get three quotes, choose the cheapest or one of your brothers, have it done and then do it yourself in any case. As said before, we will rather work harder with people whom we feel welcome with, than trying to work with people who only wants your money!

The gate is always a big issue on the weekend. We know everyone has travelled far and all they want is to get into the site as quick as possible to start enjoying the rally with a cold one in hand. This year we had a small but effective bar as part of the cue at the gate which made it possible to wash the dust down, while you waited to pay your entry fee. 

Same rules as on the previous Poison Rallies: R1 000 bucks bought you 45 minutes to off-load and be refunded when you brought your vehicle out and park it in the demarcated car park area. The group sleeping in front of the gates seems to grow smaller each year due to the fact that people realised no exceptions will be made and gates will only open on Friday morning at 07:00.

Once inside, the resort is stretched out next to the river with some very nice camping spots and plenty toilets and ablution facilities. Kroonpark has one of the largest indoor heated swimming pools in the country and everyone enjoyed it sometime during the weekend.

I made a huge mistake by stocking all the toilets with toilet paper on the Thursday already and then only arranged the cleaning crew to start at 12:00 Friday afternoon. I never thought so many toilet paper could disappear in such a short time. I suppose these people are used to some of the other rallies were you see a cleaner once and then you need to take advantage of a roll of toilet paper. This year, the cleaners will be starting at 08:00 on Friday until Sunday morning.
The stage is what got our attention at Kroonpark. This is however the main reason for attending the Poison Rally: Entertainment, entertainment and some more entertainment. Herby, the best biker DJ in Gauteng again entertained the crowd while the final adjustments to the sound have been made.

The first live band started at 16:00 - Tryst. This band has been going for quite some time and I have to say they improve every time I see them.

Thought it would be a great idea to get Jan - Player 23 at the Poison. What a mistake! He was not nearly as funny as he looks on TV and I'm sure it's because he did not even worn his player 23 Bok jersey! Needless to say, Jan lasted 10 minutes and then realised he was over dressed for this party!

Decided to search a little further than Gauteng for entertainment and we found the hilarious Wickus van der Merwe, son of the late comedian Tolla van der Merwe. Wickus impressed us all with his natural way of just being… a Van der Merwe.






Some sexy dancers got the show on the road again.

Everything seemed to be running very smooth and the bar also coped well with the amount of people. The gate also worked well even though we had to split the late entries from the pre-paid entries.
This year the first 1000 entries received a unique Poison Buckle. Metal together with a cloth badge and the 200ml Poison Potion came standard with each entry!

This is the first venue we did not need to build a stage. This must be one of the best stages in the country and with the lights and other equipment from AVL, it really looked like some big rock concert.

The Springbok Nude Girls made their appearance and after them we were entertained by the band Staaldraad. These guys played the best ACDC cover I have ever heard and they kept the party going until the early morning hours.

Saturday morning was a slow start for everyone but the concours entrants. Because the concours has changed so much over the years, we have decided to organise a short mass ride for all the entrants - just long enough to get the motors warm and seized if you never had any oil in it. All made it back safe and then the judges had their hands full, because thank goodness I did not need to make the decision. Some really good looking bikes in South Africa currently.

Best Chopper again :

Unlike some other rallies, where the entertainment only starts late on a Saturday afternoon, the Poison provided an awesome stunt show by Stunters for Jesus. These guys are not only providing some great entertainment, they also bring a message to each and all: "With God, everything is possible" or "Ek is tot alles in staat deur HOM wat my krag gee"!

After the extreme stunts the crowd headed down to the stage area and here we started with Tertius, a one man band that played all those familiar oldies. To pick up the pace again, we organized a group doing some very weird break dancing moves. Never knew one's body is able do some of these moves!

A Poison won't be complete without a magic act. Theo, the magician, caused some jaw dropping with his acts. This just got the afternoon started and it was time to turn on the heat with a nice Can-Can show.

Others helped with getting just the right temperature:

The famous Jacaranda city band, Kinky Robot with Martin Bester, made their appearance. Max Khaan the hypnotist, played around with a few minds and soon they all were under his "spell" and he could ask them to do whatever he wanted. It was time for the comedy slot and this year it was filled with those two crazy Irish …. Hat-trick. They again had the crowd in stitches.Time for our favorite performer, Flooze the biker chick from Witbank!

In true Poison style, the prize giving was short and sweet. Firstly we had a minute of silence to one of the South side Riders who passed away on his way to the rally.
A big thank you went towards Kroonpark and their management who helped getting everything in order for us. Wynand and Ronel were thanked for arranging all the stalls in such an orderly manner.

Standard Class Kawasaki  Z1300  Lional Lotter
Rat Class Kawasaki  Z1000 Callie Loodick
Custom Class Honda CBR1000RR   Steven Moller
Chopper Class Harley Davidson  Leather Man - Deon
Cruiser Class  Suzuki Boulevard   FC Porto
Street Fighter Class Suzuki B-King Auret Goosen
Overall Best Bike Suzuki B-King  Anton van Dam

Biggest Club went to Monarchs with 63 prepaid members - Well done!
A big thank you went to Herby the Poison DJ who always knows what to do and what to play when.
Each and every Custom Rider was thanked for the great job they have done at the gate and throughout the weekend.

A once-off special buckle and leather belt made for the 2012 Poison Rally was auctioned and we sold it to David van Zyl for R10 000-00. This money, and a donation from the Poison Rally, went to the "Kroonstad Koskas", Hart (Helping animals recover from Trauma) foundation as well as an orphanage in Kroonstad.
Unlike other rallies were everyone goes to bed after the prize giving, the Poison is only moving to second gear and first up was another extravaganza show!

The Extravaganza show was followed by a very professional and tasty Latin Dance show.
The guys from Reason Machine, the band who played at almost all the Poison Rallies before, got the party going.

HART - Helping Animals Recover from Trauma


A church service was held at 07:00 on Sunday morning and once again another year went pass.
Kroonstad has been very good to us and we only had one casualty on the way to the rally. Not even the cops gave us problems even when rumors were spread about a big roadblock.

We had 7 186 people without the day visitors and even the major of Kroonstad was very pleased with the bikers and decided to donate a floating trophy towards the Poison Rally. They also signed a three year agreement with us and if all goes well, we will be using this site for a few years to come.

I think I have said it before, we are a dying breed and need to keep it real.
Hope to see you all at the end of the year for the biggest party ever - 15 years!!!
Thanks to all who have up-loaded their pics on our facebook page.







We were again amazed about the friendliness of the Kroonstad community and especially the assistance we get from the Moqhaka municipality.

The 2012 Poison Rally will be remembered for being one of the only Poison Rallies without any rain. No one could have asked for any better weather than what we had last year.

Unlike some of the other rallies, the Poison Rally gates only open at 07:00 on the Friday morning and as usual, the odd 50-60 people (mostly appies) slept/party in the street in front of the resort. The nice setup at the gate and being at the same resort a consecutive year in a row, made the entrance fairly painless.

Entertainment, one of the most important matters at the Poison, started at 15:00 with the band Black Jacket which was followed by Martin Rocka & the Sick Shop.

Little Annie, one of the Poison's most famous entertainers, made her appearance once again. Morgan, South Africa's no.1 beat boxer showed why he is currently the best in the country. Fire Dancers, cabaret shows and Reason Machine played until the early hours of the morning.

Entertainment, one of the most important matters at the Poison, started at 15:00 with the band Black Jacket which was followed by Martin Rocka & the Sick Shop.

Little Annie, one of the Poison's most famous entertainers, made her appearance once again. Morgan, South Africa's no.1 beat boxer showed why he is currently the best in the country. Fire Dancers, cabaret shows and Reason Machine played until the early hours of the morning.

Saturday morning started with the wild stunts done by Stunters for Christ and David doing some carvings with his Stihl chain saws.

We asked all the men who won or came very close in winning one of the Fear Factor games in previous years, to participate in this "final" game. Live cockroaches, crickets, worms, raw liver, chicken hearts, dead mice, mampoer and a raw egg needed to be washed down with a litre of Johannesburg carton beer.

Bok from Ghost Riders nearly won but was disqualified because his one cockroach ran away and the Fear Factor Champ for Poison Rally 2012 was none other than Andre Rabie of Brotherhood.

Andre the hilarious hypnotist got some guys doing things they would normally not even think about. Vittorio the comedian tried to keep the crowd's attention while the Speed & Sound Spinners pulled into the arena. Needless to say, he eventually changed his comedy show to commentator. These guys are almost as wild as bikers. The way they handle their cars are just breathtaking.

Snotkop arrived and the amphitheatre started pumping even louder. Stan the Magic man was a little disappointing due to his microphone not working properly but the Can-Can girls made up for it.

Prize giving was quite emotional especially being the 15th rally and paying tribute to our fallen brothers and sisters in 2012.

Dead Men Riding drew a cross with fire on the amphitheatre floor with their bikes. A big thank you went to all the Custom Riders who worked very hard getting the 7 300 people into the site safely. The following bike class winners received their prizes and KCR handed out their sponsored pit bike to the lucky winner.

Custom Class:   Captain Morgan Yamaha R1
Gangsta Busa   
Jannie Olivier
Streetfighter class:  Black & Blue Flame B-King
King of Pop   
Auret Goosen
Chris Bezuidenhout
Cruiser class:   Purple Reign    Nicky Hiles
Standard class:     Kawazaki Z 1300  Lionel Lotter
Trike class:  Orange VW  
Harley trike
Barend de Graaf
Chopper class:     Black V-Rod   Alida Hiles
Rat class:   Boerbok trike  Boerbok
Best Overall:     Captain Morgan R1
Harley Trike 

After prize giving, the band Staaldraad entertained the crowd until late. Some dancers entertained while the band took a break and Herby supplied his unstoppable music until late.
Sunday's church service was well attended and before you could say Biker Brotherhood, the site was empty and yet another year gone by.

Thanks to Dead Men Riding, Lionel and Rene and all the helpers involved in the long nights of vigilance and counselling at the coffee tent. A big thank you to all the stalls of t-shirts, caps, leathers, food and all who travelled from all over SA to support the Poison Rally.

Without these guys, the rallies would look very dull and boring. They cater for everyone and all go home with extra goodies in their luggage. Well done to these guys who pulled long shifts.
Lastly we would like to thank each and every biker who attended the Poison Rally. We will hopefully see you at one of the many jols happening!


Rule number #1: It must be fun. Rule number #2: Respect rule number #1.
This is what the Poison Rally is all about: Bikers from all over the country having fun and ending the year on a joyful note.

This has been the third time we had the Poison at Kroonstad and again, it has been a huge success! For the first time in Poison history, we had terrible weather the entire week prior to the rally. This kept all the "fair weather motorcycle enthusiasts" away and time for the real bikers to let their hair down. The weather turned out to be outstanding and only troubled us halfway through prize giving on the Saturday night.

This year we had 6 500 bikers attending the rally. This was almost a 1000 less than the previous year which can either be due to the weather, Mandela's death the day before the rally started or financial difficulties. Whichever, the atmosphere was absolutely electrifying and people were having loads of fun and like always enjoyed the amazing entertainment the rally is known for.

Entertainment started early on Friday afternoon with Adrian from the band Plofstof. He was followed by the two crazy guys from Hatrick, a comedy band who had everyone in stitches for the next two hours. Ghapi and his band really rocked the arena and were followed by the famous biker band, Tryst. In between these, there were some "Bad Girls" doing extravaganza shows.



Saturday started off with some amazing stunts done by the professional stunt rider: Dave Eager on his Buell. Next we had another Extravaganza show followed by a live suspension show. For those who don't know, this is when you suspend a person by using stainless steel hooks. The guys from Pendeo prepared a special suspension by suspending two people attached at the knees. This is defiantly not for everyone but very spectacular if viewed from a distance.

Next up we had a burn-out competition which was also very spectacular but sorry guys, this was won by a lady named Annica Strydom from Crazy Hogs. Afterwards we were entertained by Francesca's circus act. Don't really know the guys from DJ Ossewa, but were very impressed with their dry sense of humour and energy.

Although we had hypnotists before, each show is always different and this year Max Khaan did not disappoint us. South Africa's best beat boxer and third in the world: Morgan the Beat boxer entertained us with his special voice, or should I say voices.

Prize giving was nearly done when the heavens started to open. Appreciation was given to the sponsors and most of the prizes were handed out before the thunder storm changed the planned procedures. Andy and his crew from the Warlocks won biggest supporting club this year. After prize giving, the band Reason Machine entertained the crowd until the early hours of the morning. Some dancers entertained while the band took a break and Herby supplied his unstoppable music until late.

A big thank you went to all the Custom Riders who worked very hard getting the 6 480 people into the site safely.
Sunday's church service was well attended and before you could say Bike SA, the site was empty and yet another year gone by.

Thanks to Dead Men Riding, Lionel and Rene and the all the helpers involved in the long nights of vigilance and counselling at the coffee tent. A big thank you to all the stalls that travelled from all over SA to support the Poison Rally.

Without these guys, rallies would look very dull and boring.

Lastly we would like to thank each and every biker who attended the Poison Rally. We will hopefully see you at one of the many jols happening or else we will see you at the 17th Poison Rally on 5-7 December 2014.


Arranging an event of this size has its challenges but if there was one year worth mentioning, it must have been last year. 2014 was the 17th Poison Rally and the 4th held at the beautiful Kroonpark holiday resort. Everything was just perfect, from the weather to the different entertainment. Even the artists arrived on time!

We had the usual bikers sleeping outside the gates in order to get a good spot when the gates open at 07:00. I cannot believe how many people still try to demarcate an area before the rally even opens. Every year I throw away several meters of chevron tape from various parts on the rally site...

The gates opened at 07:00 and it was party time!

DJ Herbie looked after the music until Francois Bouwer and Freddie Spires made turns to entertain the fast growing crowd. Freddie is a biker who rides for Midnight Sting and really knows how to interact with the crowd. For the first time ever, we had a "Bike Tuning" competition. We will definitely do this again because it was quite interesting to see how creative some guys can be with their bikes.

Everyone loved DJ Spinderella after the revving of the bikes and then it was time for the female band Saarkie. These girls are slowly climbing the ladder of fame and I hear their songs on the radio every now and then. As if these girls weren't enough, we had a cabaret show just before the next band, Rinkhals. These guys had everyone in party mode until the early hours of the morning.

Saturday morning started early this year. The West Rand Biker Church Band starts rocking away from 08:00. Because everyone leaves early on a Sunday, we asked the guys from West Rand Biker Church to do a short service which was followed by a wedding on stage.

Once they were joined in holy matrimony, it was time for Neels the Snake Handler, to teach us a few things about snakes. This guy made history by kissing a 3m Black Mamba without its teeth been removed or being drugged.

After the first cold one for the day, it was time to move towards the parking lot for this year's stunt show. Wheelighan, the Le Richie brothers and the guys from Extreme Stunters entertained the crowd with heart stopping stunts.

It was time for the afternoon shows to start so everyone, except the guys pre-pairing for the concourse, moved to the stage area. We started the afternoon with a high adrenalin break dance show. This was followed by some traditional games with a twist. Collin Wood was the next entertainer on stage who has done some mind boggling magic. Snotkop was next and the arena was packed to the brim. Hell this guy can put a show together!

Next up was Ria le Roux, also a singer from the "Gatvol vir huis skoonmaak" fame. The comedian, Jonathan from Radio Raps made his appearance next. There is no end to this guy and he is as funny in real life as what he is on his You Tube videos.

Prize giving followed shortly with the hand out of prizes for those stunning bikes at the concourse. Biggest Club was again won by the Warlocks. Congratulations Andy and all your members for again winning this sought after trophy. Appreciation was given to the sponsors and after prize giving, the band Reason Machine entertained the crowd until the early hours of the morning. Some dancers entertained while the band took a break and Herby supplied his unstoppable music until late.

Thank you to all our fellow Custom Riders for helping us get the 6 178 bikers safely through the gates.

For some this has been their 17th Poison, for others their 10th, 5th or your first. We thank you for your support and hope you had an awesome time with us and are already looking forward to the next one which will also be hosted at Kroonpark 4-6 December 2015.


Badge Being at the same resort for the fifth year, might sound boring until one look at what the resort has to offer. For starters, Kroonstad is very central with safe routes leading to it. The people from Kroonstad are very biker friendly and accommodative.The venue has beautiful shaded campsites along the Wilgeriver with plenty ablution blocks which is serviced 24 hours per day. It has a huge indoor and outdoor swimming pool to cool off and the best stage and arena one could ask for. The inside parking area is just long enough for the stunt riders to entertain the crowd in a safe and secure manner.

The Poison Rally has evolved from just another rally, to the best year-end function you'll ever attend. 2015 did not disappoint and 6 442 bikers supported from all over the country and as far away as Walvisbay in Namibia.

The Poison has always been known for its excellent entertainment and this year was no exception. Herby the DJ, provided music throughout the weekend. The entertainment program officially started on Friday 15:00 with the band Back Bone. These guys were one of our very first bands we used and they are still rocking after all these years. We introduced a bike-tune competition three years ago and this year a guy by the name of Daniel took the competition to a whole new level after his bike caught fire during the bike-tune competition. The video, which has been posted on our face book page, has been watched 39 000 times already!

Jack Parow was not meant for sensitive ears but the biggest part of the rally was supporting him and rocking to his beat. Last year Freddie Spires, a club member from Midnight Sting, were allowed singing two or three songs. We were so impressed with him; we gave him a full set this year. The Angle Grinding Chicks were next and followed by Reason Machine, the band who played at almost each and every Poison before. Just to add some spice to the evening's entertainment, the band was interrupted by some stunning Cabaret girls dancing. After lots of partying, laughter and dancing, it was time to recharge for the following day's activities.

Saturday started with a year-end biker church service done by Thys from West Rand Bikers church. The South Africa Busa Riders even had a Busa parade and this year they had 94 Hayabusas parked together. Besides the Busas, the parking area was packed with people enjoying the stunt shows performed by Deon Dreyer and Wheeligan from Richardsbay. First up in the arena area, was the tattoo competition judge by professional tattoo artists. Prizes were immediately hand out to the best male and female tattoo. The program started with some hoola hoop girls, snake handlers and fire blowing girls followed by an escape artist and then it was time for the Michael Jackson impersonator. Piet Pompies, from the DJ Ossewa fame, had the crowed in stitches with his funny songs, energy and great stage personality.

On public demand, we had to bring back the "Bikers got Talent" competition. This has gone from a few people who enjoyed being on stage, to the professional display we experienced this year. An illusionist got everyone doubting reality and then it was time for the hilarious hypnotist followed by some line dancing. Never thought something like this will work at a rally but it turned out to be a very nice and interactive show. Every year the Poison attracts some of the best looking bikes in SA and this year the concours did not disappoint.

Just before prize giving, tribute was given to all the fallen bikers of 2015 and was made special by Anton Myburg who sang his latest released song called "Biker Angel". Biggest club was won by Midnight Sting which broke the Warlocks winning this for the last couple of years. The concours winners received their prizes sponsored by the various sponsors. Each sponsor was thanked and then it was time to reveal something new for this year's Poison. Since we have done away with the sherry bottles, we could hand over R35 000 to the West Rand Bikers Church, who is currently busy with their Bible distribution project.

Two lucky people presented their slightly different "golden" badges and in return, each won R5 000 cash. The food court has been packed with food and trinket stalls who supplied good food and a variety of goods throughout the weekend.

Good weather permitted throughout the weekend. The rally was great but what made it even better, was the fact that there were no fatalities to or from the weekend. Please visit our Facebook Group for the latest information regarding the rally as well as photos and videos.

Have a look at our Gallery for more photos which was kindly sponsored by The Global Girls. Hope to see you all in 2016 again!


Badge2016 Poison Rally 2016 Report

So many things can and will go wrong when arranging a couple of thousand people, from all different backgrounds and cultures at one venue and add a little bit alcohol to the mixture, and you have a perfect recipe for a disaster - unless you add one more crucial ingredient: motorbikes!

Bikers in general, have a hidden characteristic up their sleeves called: Respect. Respect for one another, their property and their believes. Because we honor the above, we are allowed making use of the same resort year after year. Signing the contract in April was quite stressful due to the fact that there was no water in Kroonstad at the time.

Because of the same mutual respect thing, we were confident enough to make the call because we knew that they would make a plan to accommodate us for the duration of the rally. Estimating the amount of people who will be attending, is always a problem. Some of the factors which helps is other biking activities such as attendance at rallies, day jols and association meetings. Looking at the above, we catered for more or less 5 000 people and still though we were very optimistic. You can imagine our surprise when we made the count and found 6 023 people supported the 2016 Poison Rally. This must have been one of the smoothest Poison rallies ever. Although we had our fair share of worries before the time, the rally itself ran like clock-work.

Party1Our trust worthy sound company, AVL Productions, and long standing DJ called Herby, got the show going early on Friday morning, just after the gates opened at 07:00. The band Tryst started the live performances. If there was a trophy for the band who improved the most, they will certainly win it. They are like red wine: just getting better and better over time.

After last year’s “fired up” bike tune competition, we only had a handful entries this year but never the less, they did not disappoint with some nice tunes coming from the bikes.

Next up it was time for the crazy girl band called Saarkie. These girls sure know how to Rock & Roll. They even spend the rest of the weekend with us and jumped on stage every now and then to add a bit of girl power to some of the songs. Most of the time, we get it right when picking entertainment for the rally but sometimes it goes completely wrong like our next act: K9ne, the rapper. What a disaster?

Party2While we are on the subject of things not working like they supposed to, our next band also struggled to keep up the show.

The dance competition was won by a couple who danced so well, the lady even lost her top! Professional dancers had to jump in to show how it should actually be done. The band Rinkhals took us into the early hours of Saturday morning.

In true Poison tradition, it was time for a short but strong message by Juan from West Rand Bikers Church after which they played some great gospel songs.

This was followed by the Busa parade. We are trying to get over the 100 mark but every year we are just short. This year 90 Busas were parked in line!

These guys know how to put up a show and aint afraid loosing blood in the process. The sun was throwing everything at us and it was time to cool things down. We fitted as many bikes as possible into the baby splash pool and started spinning them all together sending the water 20-30 meters into the air.







Next we had the SA Pro Wrestlers who blixemed each other until the blood was flowing freely. These guys know how to put up a show and aint afraid loosing blood in the process. The sun was throwing everything at us and it was time to cool things down. We fitted as many bikes as possible into the baby splash pool and started spinning them all together sending the water 20-30 meters into the air.

The tattoo competition was again judged by the guys from Ivan’s Southern Ink who also sponsored the prize.TattooBikers Got Talent was won by Tracey from the Lions of Judah who sang like a real pro. Stevie and Morne from Nemesis were also in the top 3.

Annie entertained the crowd once again with her comedy dance show. Next up was a magic show performed by the guys from 2 Manic 4 Magic.

Jay rocked the crowd and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him a bit later walking among the concours bikes. He is one of handful entertainers who doesn’t come with any issues, but knows how to have fun.

A special mention needs to be made about the mother who asked me if Jay could please just call out her mentally disabled son’s name since Jay is one of his all-time favorites. I told her to bring him to the front and not knowing what will happen next, Jay helped him on stage and eventually danced with him. A very special moment indeed!

One of the few new success stories in the entertainment area is the two contortionists called Toxic. These are two well trained professionals and I’m sure we will see them in future.


Johan van Eck shared a short message and a moment of silence was given to those who passed away during the year. Prize giving was quick and painless and those who won their concours classes received some awesome prizes sponsored by the various parties involved.

Another dance and fire show followed and then finally it was time for The Color Blew and the Barcode Bandits. These two bands rock!

Two years ago we made use of a company who erected mobile tents. This turned into a huge problem because these tents were erected in all the great spots next to the river. The company went down, and we never heard from them again. This year, we got hold of the guys from Rush Adventures who does something very similar but with the added luxury tents. Last mentioned, comes fully kitted with two beds, linen, chairs, a little table, hot-water shower and toilet. We received very positive feedback from those who used them and I’m sure we will have these available next year again.

We had huge issues with our cleaning staff stealing from the bikers. It seems like we finally have a working solution for the problem. We are very proud on the cleanliness of our site and toilets and our goal is to be the cleanest rally in SA!

Next year will be our 20th Poison Rally and we are planning to go BIG!!! Entry forms will be available slightly earlier as usual and we have a few surprises awaiting our friends. Be sure to ask for leave on the Monday as well, because you will need it after the 20th Poison!









[Click below to download the full 2016 Report]


Badge2017 Poison Rally 2017 Report

The 20th Poison Rally will certainly be one which will be remembered for quite some time. Although it looked like the crowd could not be bothered by the weather, it surely was as huge challenge from an organizer's perspective.

Let's start at the beginning...We had the normal crowd starting the party on the Thursday in front of the gates already from 17:30.

A pipe broke next to one of the main ablutions and we had to disconnect the water supply until 23:30 while the TLB was digging and fixing the pipe. Not good news on the night before the rally starts!

Friday morning started with a bang and as usual, I personally took down meters and meters of danger tape from inside the resort. Everyone has a fair chance to pick their favorite tree or camping spot for the weekend, once the gates open at 07:00. The weather was good to us and all the weather reports stated overcast and cold, but no rain - Ya right!

Welcome to Poison 2017

Belt BuckleThe Custom Rider Girls in the office, tried their best to assist all 6 716 people attending this year's rally.

Another spanner in the works: The badges and buckles. We received 55 buckles and 1 000 badges less than what we have ordered, which meant, we ran out of badges on the Friday already.

You can just imagine the frustration knowing we should have only been 17 badges short on our totals, and now we ended up being a 1 017 short, not to mention the 55 pissed off pre-paid entries, who never received their buckles!

Pool PartyDespite these problems, the rally started of with a bang and the site filled up quickly.

In true Poison fashion, the entertainment started early on the Friday afternoon, with two bands that played at a couple of Poisons already, called Tryst and Back Bone.

Svend from Pendeo also started warming up his human suspension show, at the outside swimming pool.

Just before night fall, another pipe burst at the same ablution block as on the Thursday, which forced us to close off the ablution block totally while another TLB had to come in, dig up the whole area and tried to fix the pipe in record time. The resort manager tried his best to get it done in the fastest possible time but it still took a few hours and ended up opening the ablution block only late at night. This is not the kind of news you want to hear just after the office told you: "We just ran out of badges"!


At 18:00 we started with the Bike Tune competition which was won by a youngster all the way from Kimberley.

Next up was the big voice behind the beard: Jo Black and his band. The arena was packed and enjoyed his life stories in between his songs.
Between Jo's two slots came Anton Myburg, who recorded his latest music video at the Poison Rally with people doing crowd dives and just going crazy.

Jo Black

The craziness did not stop there. We were introduced to Tiny, who flown in all the way from Dubai for the Poison Rally and just when we thought we could carry on with the program, we had a lover proposing to his girlfriend.

Marry Me?

On Stage

Rock It

The dancers, were stunning and performed an awesome show with different costumes for each song. Then the heavens opened and a storm with strong winds had stall holders hanging onto their gazebos for dear life!

Morgan the Beat boxer had a turn on stage and the crowd loved him. The rest of the evening Tryst and Backbone made turns playing good old biker music.

Saturday morning was the coldest weather we ever experienced at any Poison rally. Juan from West Rand Bikers Church led a church service with a "Poison" theme.

At 10:00 it was time for the long awaited Busa vs. ZX challenge. I think even the owners of these great machines were impressed to see how many bikes from the same brand actually came and parked their bikes in the designated parking area.

The official count at 10:30 was 154 x Busas and 74 x ZX14s. This is a new Africa record and they are thinking of setting up a world record next year.











Stunt Show







For the first time in Poison history, we arranged a mass ride and not any mass ride, a ride against Farm Murders. This event was greatly supported and the guys from The Crew helped as road marshals.

As soon as the Mass Ride returned, it was time for a few stunters to play in the parking area. This year we were well entertained by AJ, Deon Dreyer and Kaalvoet Thysie. The weather placed a limit on the variety of stunts but nevertheless, the guys had some good fun on their powerful machines.

Jani on StageIt was almost time for the afternoon shows at the arena, and we started off with a motivational speaker which was followed by some dancers and the lady with the beautiful voice, Jani.







Hou vas my dop, check hierdie move!Poison's Got Talent is a big competition and people really go out of their way preparing for this.

Unfortunately the show was interrupted by rain coming down in buckets.

With the stage being under cover, it's normally not a problem but
this time, the rain got pushed underneath by a strong
wind similar to Friday night.

We even had to cut the power for safety reasons as the water was just too much. Another first for the Poison - not having any music for almost 45 minutes.

The fact that there was not much happening at the stage, was the perfect time for the guys from Pendeo to setup their human suspension rig.

While the rain was pouring down, these guys were hanging and swinging from piercings made to 2 x places on their backs - quite scary if you think this supports the full body weight!

The storm finally moved on and the show carried on. Andre, the Hilarious Hypnotist, done his magic on some of the willing participants.

The FloozeSorina, or rather The Flooze from Witbank, pulled in and had the crowd in stitches with her witty mouth and funny songs.

The Flooze is like red wine, just getting better and better over time.

I am a huge Parlotones fan, and was so excited when Kahn finally confirmed the Poison booking.

Although the weather was pathetic, he still gave an awesome performance with his band and the die-hard fans remained singing along every song even while the rain was pouring down.

What a gentlemen and show it was?!

Kahn on Stage

As much as we planned to have that special 20th prize giving, with someone doing a big 20 burnout while the cake was shared between the 6 x true 20 year members, it turned into a rushed event to get it done before the storm came done.

Biggest club was done in sections to avoid getting wet all the way to your socks!






20 Year Attendance

Cut the Cake


Prize Giving A

Prize Giving B   


Biggest represented bike brand:
Suzuki Hayabusa
Custom Class:
Gold/Copper Suzuki Busa
Special Custom Class:
Orange Z1R Turbo
Cruiser Class:
King Billy Harley
Rat Class:
Chain wrapped chopper
Streetfighter Class:
Moto Guzzi Red/Black
Standard Class:
1981 Honda Goldwing
Open Class:
Red/Grey BMW GS1200
Trike Class:
Brown Trike - Barend
Chopper Class:
Black/White Road Rage
Moto Guzzi Red/Black
Poison's Got Talent    [1st]:
Jakes - Dynasty
Morne - Nemesis
Biggest Club              [1st]:
Immortal Guardians
The Wild Bunch











Prize Giving C









All in all, we had another awesome rally. Some might say a rally is judged by the amount of people attending.

We say it is all about the bond that gets build between people attending. Yes, we were blessed with yet another year without anyone passing away on the roads to and from the rally.

Yes, we did take a lot of flack about the ablution block which did not function 100% throughout the weekend and we know about the cold shower you had to take. We have always pride our self on having one of the cleanest rallies in the country and will surely do it again in future.

Facebook Link


The"R900 for 3 x people is just too much" thread on Facebook caught our eye and we would like to place an official comment with regard to it. Firstly, the totals given are for each and every armband which was handed out at the rally and 1 400 of these did not pay the R300 and either worked behind a bar, stall or in the road which boils down to only 5 316 paid up rally goers. Since we have been at Kroonstad, we only had an average of 3.3% increase over the 6 years. Yes, it is profitable to organize the Poison Rally, but it does not allow us to buy new bikes, club houses or overseas holidays, and if it did, I'm sure there would have been a lot more rallies happening! The cost to organise such an event is way more than anyone might anticipate and if you disagree, I dare you to start your own!

We love making a difference in someone's life, and we try our damest to organise a rally in such a way that we would have enjoyed if we were there. If you thought the 20th Poison was a big one, imagine our 21st!!! Venue to be confirmed but it will be on 7-9 December 2018.

Thanks again for the support. Please have a wonderful and Blessed Christmas and be safe on the roads during this festive season



[Click below to download the full 2017 Report]